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Fruitcake, by Mark Daniel Compton, coming December 24, 2023!

Like the holiday staple, this novel is topped with cherries, filled with nuts and fruit, and doused with a healthy dose of spirits.


The ghost from Christmas past in this tale is no Marley: he is an incubus freed from hell and chained to a fruitcake that is continually regifted, causing much havoc in the small Southern town of Dixon.


This demon, accidentally released, is on the run from an old domestic house keeper/voodoo root doctor, the eccentric family she nurtured and raised, and a slew of angelic forces, all determined to send him back to hell from whence he came.

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Rabbit House Press is proud to announce these new arrivals to our catalog:


Up Home: A Family, a Tragedy, & the Holly Hill Inn

a NEW book by Bob Rouse

The Holly Hill Inn, a celebrated restaurant in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass, owned by Ouita and Chris Michel, has a storied past behind its modern-day identity as a fine dining culinary destination. Before it was the Holly Hill Inn, the grand residence was the home of the Parrish family, including Honeywood, Nat and Jim.

Bob Rouse is the eighth generation of the Parrish family in Midway, and he brings to life the stories of his ancestors and the home formally named Hermosa, but simply called “Up Home.”

Through stories and photos, Rouse’s book details the lives of his grandmother Honeywood and her family in a special place with small-town magic: Midway. They lived in a time replete with love and laughter—as well as a deep, enduring sorrow—that resonates still today.

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Chronicles of Two Wolves helps us to not only better understand but have a better grip on the perception of the unknown and the unknowable! The story is full of inspirational philosophical life teachings. The reader is given an opportunity to experience not only their own self-concepts and attempt to not judge themselves but forgive themselves. In the Sacred dimension of our Heart Spirit, we come to realize and appreciate the meaning and depth of the Lakota saying, Mitakuye Oyasin, "All MY Relations." So, as our Spirit fades away like a fading sunset, Our Heart Spirit can be one with the web, without shame! Aho.


- Joseph Many Horses Davis, Cherokee Medicine Man, teacher, writer, organizer

Blue Territory immerses the reader in the journey of abstract expressionist painter Joan Mitchell (1925-1992), from teenage figure skater to art student to female painter in a male-dominated art world to expat in Paris. And while all the ingredients of a strong biography are present—her formative years; her artistic influences; her methodologies; her friendships and lovers—Blue Territory is no mere biography. Blue Territory is itself a gallery of literary artwork—lovingly crafted images that form an artist’s study of Joan Mitchell.



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It is our vision with Rabbit House Press to create a publishing company with uncompromising integrity. Setting the highest standards in both content and aesthetics, the objective is to share unique works that promise enduring appeal. We will forever remain passionate about evocative stories which are uniquely American, celebrating the glorious quilt of disparate characters that make up the fabric of our country. It is our pleasure to connect writers with their readers.



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