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Dancing on the Page

Dancing on the Page


Read and be soothed. Dancing on the Page is a collection that reminds us of the generational memory power of music—that songs have always helped humans “to remember important stories”, to make sense of our lives by bringing the order of an album (or a manuscript) to our experiences.  As B. Elizabeth Beck moves fluidly through time in these poems, she offers the reader wisdom across the soundtrack of her life.  “Nobody else will ever remember / you. Everyone too consumed / in their own reality…” We are free then—to dance, to deeply feel, to let go what does not serve our song—the wrong husband might just introduce us to the right band." Beck makes an argument for music being the tool through which we most vividly experience memory; here we are reminded that “music makes sense.” 

-Amelia Martens, author of The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat 

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