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Ori And The Blind Forest Download (Latest)




Though sometimes painfully slow, its minimal platforming and elegant combat loop make it one of the finest action games of 2015. 2014 22. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes A prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes features dynamic stealth missions in an open world environment. While many of the missions are short, they provide a strong foundation for a game whose story ties into the main campaign. The stealth missions are the highlight, showcasing a rewarding combat system and some of Hideo Kojima’s best voice acting and cinematography. 21. Gravity Rush Some of the best platforming action you’ll ever play is found in Gravity Rush. The game’s title doesn’t do it justice, as you play as Kat, a plucky adventurer who gains the power of flight. Kat’s signature mechanic is the double jump, which turns the game into a physics-based platformer in which you run and jump while overcoming tough platforming challenges. Some of the best moments in the game come from Kat’s battle with other, more powerful characters like Noctis and her rival Shaker, who play a large role in her story. 20. Tearaway Unfolded This charming puzzle platformer finds Tearaway stitched together from the discarded scraps of a myriad of interactive, artistic hand-made objects. Each object is a blank canvas for the player to create their own stories. Tearaway’s charming visual style and creative puzzles make it a delight. Its only weakness is that the story can be a bit repetitive, but its charm and artistry more than make up for this. 19. Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode is a popular mobile game which allows you to play as the classic hero, Creeper, as he runs from a mob of zombies and fights for survival. The game uses one of the most popular mobile games of all time as a framework for a story about a group of friends who go on a journey to find a way to reverse a curse. It’s a charming, if often times formulaic, platforming story which lives up to its name. 18. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Dragon Quest XI is one of the best RPGs of the past decade and the ultimate blend of both story and action. The game’s story is a heartwarming tale of two unlikely heroes,



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Ori And The Blind Forest Download (Latest)
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