Erin Chandler Interviews Kevin Lane Dearinger

Erin Chandler, Founder and Editor of Rabbit House Press speaks to Kevin Lane Dearinger about his new memoir, Bad Sex in Kentucky... here is what people are saying about it:

“Broadway performer, gifted playwright, esteemed academician, Kevin Lane Dearinger conquers new heights in Bad Sex in Kentucky, his droll, keenly observed first person account of growing up gay in the Bluegrass State before the gay rights era. A matchless memoirist whose disclosures range from the hilarious to the harrowing, Dearinger chronicles his rich family history as a proud Kentuckian, as well as his experiences growing up “different” in an intolerant time. From his earliest memories to painful adolescence to assured adulthood, his stories, rendered with virtuosic specificity and the sharp wit of an unbowed survivor, shine a bright light onto an unfortunately not-so-bygone time.” — F. Kathleen Foley, Drama Critic, Los Angeles Times

“Polite but passionate, Dearinger tells a story that is uniquely his own, even as he, like so many bullied LGBTQ folks of his generation, seeks both to understand and be understood. With humor and a sharp recognition, he recalls small town life, the trauma of isolation, stubborn survival, evolving American culture, and a loving, complicated family. Bad Sex in Kentucky is about the search for identity, the crucial importance of role models, and storytelling as a means of survival.”  —Jim Gray, former mayor of Lexington, Kentucky

“Bad Sex in Kentucky is a refreshingly honest yet appropriately theatrical look into the life of the author and a place he calls home. The ebb and flow of Dearinger’s narrative beautifully pieces together coming out stories with broader accounts of social struggle and triumph that allow readers a look into the recesses of his memories. Combining awkwardness and angst with self-discovery and confidence, what happens on the sheets of this quintessentially Bluegrass memoir is anything but bad.”  —Dr. Lance Poston, University of Kentucky

“Dearinger reminds us why Kentuckians are such noted, sometimes notorious, storytellers. Giving a visceral sense of time and place, Bad Sex in Kentucky is, at times snortingly funny, at times poignantly sad. Dearinger’s work is honest, friendly, and intimate.” —Dr. Jonathan Coleman, Faulkner Morgan Archives

You can catch the full interview below.

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